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Hazlitt Eastman
React/Redux, Vue.js, REST APIs, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Bespoke Applications, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Website development for Hodes Digital

I worked on a few website projects for Hodes Digital (part of the Bernard Hodes Group) along with their other developers. It was a pleasure to work with them and they tasked me with a wide range of development requirements to assist with getting their clients’ websites launched.

Here are two examples of sites that I worked on:

enterprise alive website

Enterprisealive website

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Herts Police recruitment website

Herts Police recruitment website

The project aspects they asked me to work on included:-

  • Writing PHP, XHTML and CSS code to consume external RSS feeds, format them and output them on the websites
  • Writing custom WordPress widgets
  • Adjusting the functionality and output of WordPress plugins
  • Writing a variety of forms in PHP
  • Reconfiguring the DNS records of Domains
  • Configuring virtual machines and virtual servers
  • Developing Javascript/jQuery carousels that remember which image they were displaying when they are linked back to
  • Developing and styling lightboxes for displaying video , images, forms and text
  • Constructing aspects of site layout by slicing graphics, writing XHTML/CSS code and cross browser testing
  • Developing a high standard of accessibility code for screen readers and browsers without Flash or Javascript
  • Writing javascript to handle cookie information
  • Preparing static XHTML/CSS templates for external application integration

On the Enterprisealive website all the pages had to be displayed in two languages as well so all the code that I wrote had to be put together with this in mind.

Working for Hodes Digital was very interesting and I hope to work on some more of their projects in the future.