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Medical training application by Brighton Codeigniter developer

KCA is an organisation that delivers innovative drugs, alcohol and mental health services tailored to meet local needs in the South East of England. They decided that they wanted to provide an online training system for health professionals to learn about the impact that being diagnosed with diabetes has on someone. I was hired to develop the online training application using interface layouts designed by Kind Design.

Firstly I ran a consultation session where I asked KCA detailed questions about how they wanted the application to work and the functionality that it would contain. From the consultation I wrote an application specification which was agreed and became the terms of reference for development.
I decided to use the PHP framework Codeigniter to develop this application and worked from the photoshop PSD files I was provided with to develop HTML / CSS templates. I integrated the templates with the backend functionality I wrote in Codeigniter and added javascript where it was needed to meet with the specification.
The resulting application allows people to register and use the online training system which keeps a track of the modules they have completed and allows them to provide feedback. The client, who is delighted with the application, can also see who is using the training system and review the feedback.
The Psychology of Diabetes ยป