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Hazlitt Eastman
React/Redux, Vue.js, REST APIs, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Bespoke Applications, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Category: Portfolio

Web App and API for Virgin Media

I was recently hired to work on an interactive show stand for Virgin Media.  Virgin’s brief was that they wanted people to signup and do a 5 question quiz on an iPad.  The answers to the quiz would then determine what kind of ‘TV animal’ they are in accordance with their recent marketing campaigns.  And finally they sit down on…

WordPress custom XML plugin development for Barclays Bank recruitment website

Working for web agency Hodes Digital I developed a custom WordPress plugin for a new recruitment website for Barclays UK Retail Bank which is using WordPress as a CMS. I worked from a formal technical specification document which covered all the backend development requirements in some detail. The principal requirement was to consume XML from an Application Tracking System on an…