Freelance Web Developer & Consultant

Hazlitt Eastman
React/Redux, Vue.js, REST APIs, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Bespoke Applications, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS & Javascript.

About Me

Speaking at a technical conference


After some years writing database applications in Visual Basic using Microsoft Access it became obvious that everything was going online. So in 2004 I decided to learn about web languages and technologies and become a web developer.  The first framework I worked with was WordPress for which I developed themes and built websites using WordPress as a CMS.  Then I started to branch out into other development areas. At one point another developer explained Ruby on Rails to me so I downloaded it and built a couple of little applications with it.  This taught me the value of the Model View Controller (MVC) method for structuring code and after some research I quickly adopted the PHP MVC framework Codeigniter.  I started writing REST APIs in 2013, I now work with Laravel and also build frontend applications using React/Redux.   You can find out more about the technologies I work with on the technologies page.


What Am I Like?

I am personable, trustworthy, highly professional, a strong and responsive communicator, very organised and highly focused when I am writing code. One of my clients who works in the finance sector once said to me that I have the highest professional integrity he has ever seen.  A kind and complimentary comment that I have always remembered. I am completely comfortable working on my own and  enjoy working with other developers too.

I am based in Brighton, East Sussex in the UK and have clients in the UK as well as other locations around the World.

My Approach

There are an awful lot of acronyms in web technology and in information technology in general and I work hard at demystifying the technology so that clients who hire me understand the decisions they are making.  The frontend code I write is SEO friendly and I am always mindful of the fact that other developers may need to work on my code in the future. So I make sure that the code I write is logically structured and clearly annotated to make it as easy as possible for them to do so.  This approach also brings down the cost of ownership.

To Summarise

If you are looking for a professional freelance web developer to help you build a website, develop an application, etc… Or you would like to understand more about the content on this website.  Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  And thanks for reading 🙂


“Hazlitt has worked on a number of back-end database builds for us: on every occasion he has worked excellently with the team and produced work of the highest quality. He has the rare ability to talk about complex web development issues in a way that non-technical clients can understand and is solution-oriented, rather than problem focused in his handling of the typical ‘bumps’ that you come across in big Dev projects. I couldn’t recommend him enough.”

Andy Hyatt, Digital Director at Hodes

“Always professional, diligent and a pleasure to work with. Unlike some, Haze plans carefully before tackling any task and this coupled with Haze’s extensive development knowledge allows him to always come up with strong solutions. His clean, well commented code allows for others to build upon the foundations he lays with ease. Would definitely recommend Haze to anyone looking for a freelance developer.”

Andrew Burton, Lead Front-End Developer at Cedar DCX