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Development of WordPress theme and an XML plugin for The Discerning Collection

I recently launched a website for the The Discerning Collection who are a specialist holiday company.  This work was done for the agency Designate who provided me with HTML / CSS front end templates and asked me to convert them into a WordPress Theme and then develop a custom plugin to integrate the site with an external holidays’ availability system via an XML API.  Apart from the WordPress plugin API integration development the website makes extensive use of custom post types to allow the site administrator to change the vast majority of the content and all the imagery.

The Discerning Collection WordPress website

The Discerning Collection WordPress website

Here is a list of some of the development work I did to meet the technical requirements of functionality:

  • Conversion of the HTML / CSS templates into a WordPress Theme
  • Extensive development and integration with WordPress Custom Post Types
  • Development of a custom WordPress plugin to integrate the website with an external availability searching system

The integration with the availability system was particularly interesting and it makes multiple XML calls using cURL to request data for display on the website.  So if you are looking for a holiday, why not check out The Discerning Collection.