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Hazlitt Eastman
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WordPress custom XML plugin development for Barclays Bank recruitment website

Working for web agency Hodes Digital I developed a custom WordPress plugin for a new recruitment website for Barclays UK Retail Bank which is using WordPress as a CMS.

I worked from a formal technical specification document which covered all the backend development requirements in some detail. The principal requirement was to consume XML from an Application Tracking System on an hourly basis to keep the available jobs on the website up to date.

Wordpress custom plugin development for Barclays Bank

To meet the backend development requirements I wrote a custom WordPress plugin to cover the following functionality:

  • Custom WordPress plugin that creates additional MySQL tables for storing job data
  • Automatically consume an updated XML feed of  available jobs on an hourly schedule
  • Update a custom post type and the custom MySQL tables with the consumed XML
  • Widget that automatically displays recent jobs based on the page being viewed or allows an admin to set which jobs are displayed
  • Search functionality to allow users to search for and view jobs and filter their searches
  • Various functionality to improve the way data is displayed and SEO

This was a really interesting project that required a lot of data analysis and working with the application tracking system’s API.  So if you’re interested in a job in banking in the uk, why not have a look at