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Hazlitt Eastman
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Microzone’s new WordPress CMS website

Microzone decided that their website needed redesigning and they wanted to add the ability for them to be able to edit the content of their new site using a CMS (Content Management System). Microzone engaged Door 22 to do the design work who asked me to help with the development.  The result is a great example of a WordPress based Website.  It is online here.

Microzone WordPress CMS website

Microzone WordPress CMS Website

To produce this website I :

  • Setup a WordPress staging site for development
  • Sliced the PSD (Photoshop files) provided by Door 22 to create the graphics files needed to build the site
  • Wrote HTML / CSS templates to look like the designs
  • Added jQuery / Javascript to the templates to create subtle animations required
  • Converted the HTML / CSS templates into a WordPress theme
  • Added and utilised the functionality of various plugins to accelerate the development process
  • Wrote some bespoke PHP functions
  • Made changes as required by the client and then setup the site on their live hosting

Microzone are delighted with the results of this project and the with the fact that they can now change the content in their site without the need of a Web Programmer.