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Hazlitt Eastman
React/Redux, Vue.js, REST APIs, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Bespoke Applications, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Front End Development for and ADM

ADM Promotions hired me to develop a Javascript animated HTML / CSS template for their client  As official premium licensee ADM oversee a carefully constructed process to manage the development of branded products.

To ease the use of this process for organisations wishing to seek approval for branded products ADM designed a user guide with animation to provide an engaging way to understand the process.

FIFA Front end development

To develop the guide I :

  • Attended a consultation and took down a functional specification
  • Sliced graphics from layered Photoshop files provided by ADM
  • Developed the HTML/CSS template
  • Developed the Javascript animations which incorporated the use of the jQuery library
  • Cross browser tested the template on PCs, MACs, iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Delivered the code and assets to ADM’s development department for inclusion in their custom Content Management System

IT was good fun working on this project with ADM Promotions and both they and were delighted with the resulting guide template.