Freelance Web Developer & Consultant

Hazlitt Eastman
Wordpress, APIs, Codeigniter, Expression Engine, Bespoke Applications, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS & Javascript.


Here are examples of services that I provide for the different types of clients that I work for. I am a trusted, reliable and flexible developer and I really enjoy working with web technology.

Web Development For Agencies

I work for creative/marketing agencies as a front and backend developer. I am sometimes asked to be discrete about the fact that I am freelance when communicating with the clients of an agency and I am very happy to work in this way. Here are some examples of the kinds of work that I am hired by agencies to do:

  • Build websites using WordPress as a CMS
  • Develop WordPress themes
  • Develop WordPress plugins
  • Develop bespoke web applications
  • Develop APIs
  • Develop web software that integrates with 3rd party APIs
  • Develop Expression Engine websites
  • Setup hosting environments on Rackspace Cloud
  • Convert Photoshop files (PSDs) to HTML/CSS templates
  • Implement version control with git

Agencies hire me for different reasons. Some hire me:

  • because they don’t have internal developers
  • to work with internal developers as part of a team
  • because a piece of work they are doing requires a specific skill set which isn’t available internally
  • specifically as a frontend or backend developer
  • as an additional developer to cope with a high workload

Web Development For Businesses

Businesses hire me for different reasons, here are some examples. I am hired to:

  • Develop a bespoke web application for internal or external use
  • Develop an API so they can provide data to external parties or for a mobile app
  • Develop a website using WordPress as a CMS
  • Develop Expression Engine websites
  • Temporarily join a development team to work on a website or application
  • Make changes to an existing application or website
  • Move a website or web application to a different hosting company
  • Troubleshoot hacked websites or performance problems

Web Development for Designers

I work for and partner with designers to produce websites and web applications. In the past I have invoiced the designers themselves as well as directly invoiced the client we are working for. The choice comes down to circumstances. I have worked with designers to:

  • produce websites using WordPress as a CMS
  • develop bespoke applications
  • convert PSDs (Photoshop files) to HTML/CSS templates or WordPress themes
  • Develop Expression Engine websites
  • pickup and complete another developer’s work
  • make changes to websites and web applications
  • troubleshoot websites
  • move websites to different hosting companies